Social Media Marketing

Potential customers are on social media networks every day.

Social media marketing doesn’t mean having an account on every social network. It’s important to understand which networks your customers are on and how they interact on these networks. Customers interact on Facebook differently than they do on Twitter or Instagram. Each network should be researched to determine how best to post, tweet, advertise, etc. While social media marketing may be rising in popularity, it’s crucial to create proper “sales funnels” that ultimately route your customers from their social networks onto your website.

Specific content should be provided for different social networks. Different types of customers are on different types of social media, so the posts or advertisements should be created accordingly.

Social media marketing is much more than simply “being active on social networks”. Analytics and conversions are just as crucial to track on social networks as they are on search engines.

Some social networks provide “targeted advertising”. This type of advertising can put you directly in front of potential customers looking for exactly what you’re offering.

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