SEO and SEO Audits

Drive traffic to your website from search engines.

After you’ve created your website it’s time to make sure you’re showing up for the terms that your customers are searching to find your industry. The first step in executing SEO successfully is to make sure that all of the technical details to your site are setup properly. After your SEO audit has been completed and you know that your site is ready for scheduled SEO work, you’re ready to get started. SEO should be an ongoing cycle of researching where your customers are engaging content on the Internet and making a plan on how you will reach them. When looking for an SEO firm, keep a few things in mind.

Good SEO is an ongoing process, so expect to be constantly working with your digital marketers to continually review, execute, and modify your strategies.

Any strategy should utilize analytics to know how your plan is working and to see where changes can be made. Google provides a free tool (Google Analytics) that can be used to track most of the information that you will need.

Be cautious with SEO firms that “guarantee” showing up on the first page of a search engine results page. Search engine optimization requires constant and disciplined execution. Don’t expect to see results overnight.

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