Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

Danton Hughes |

When it comes to marketing, there are two different methods, digital marketing (inbound) and traditional marketing (outbound). Now, what are the differences between digital and traditional marketing? Digital is considered the pull method, while traditional is considered the push method. Here is a brief rundown of what the differences are between digital marketing vs traditional marketing.

Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

Traditional Marketing

It is easier to understand what digital marketing by knowing what it is not. The traditional method uses the push method by pushing advertisements onto the consumer. The bad thing about this method is that consumers are so use to being bombarded with ads that they zone them out. Think of all the ads you see or hear in a day. You hear so many that you probably don’t even realize how often they are put in front of you. Radio ad? Traditional. You see a billboard ad? Traditional. Commercial? Traditional. Some dude calls you trying to sell you insurance out of the blue? Traditional. Outbound’s method is a one size fits all method, just like those crappy baseball hats.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is what I like to call the pull method, where you are pulling your target audience towards you. The best audience is one that is captive and that’s the type of audience digital marketing brings in. When people search stuff online they type in keywords in a search engine. The search engine, Google, Yahoo, etc., lists the most relevant results for that keyword search. By having a digital marketing presence you will be able to position yourself in a better position to be seen by potential customers. This helps bring those people who want something to the people (you) who can provide that service or product. With a captive audience you are able to construct your content that is tailored to your audience.

This is the fitted hat method, if your audience has 7 ¼ size heads you are able to provide them with a 7 ¼ size hats.spark baseball hat

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